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Sheriff as receiverDeposit to recover possessionCosts.

The sheriff of the county wherein the lien is filed shall be the receiver when one is appointed, and the superior court upon a showing made shall appoint such receiver without notice, who shall be allowed such fees as may seem just to the court, which fees shall be accounted for by such sheriff as other fees collected by him or her in his or her official capacity: PROVIDED, That at any time when any property is in the custody of such sheriff under the provisions of this chapter, and any person claiming any interest therein, may deposit with the clerk of the court in which such action is pending, a sum of money in an amount equal to the claim sued upon, together with one hundred dollars, to cover costs and interest, (unless the court shall make an order fixing a different amount to cover such costs and interest, then such an amount as the court shall fix to secure such costs and interest, which such action is being prosecuted) and shall have the right to demand and receive forthwith from such sheriff the possession and custody of such property: PROVIDED, That in no action brought under the provisions of this chapter shall costs be allowed to lienholders unless a demand has been made for payment of his or her lien claim before commencement of suit, unless the court shall find the claimants at time of bringing action had reasonable ground to believe that the owner or the person having control of the property upon which such lien is claimed was attempting to defraud such claimant, or prevent the collection of such lien.
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