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Limitation of action.

No lien provided for in this chapter binds any saw logs, spars, piles or other timber, or lumber and shingles, for a longer period than eight calendar months after the claim as herein provided has been filed, unless a civil action be commenced in a proper court, within that time, to enforce the same: PROVIDED, HOWEVER, That in case such civil action so commenced should for any cause other than the merits, be nonsuited or dismissed, then the lien shall continue for the term of one calendar month, if the said eight months have expired, to permit the commencement of another action thereon, which shall be as effective in prolonging the lien as if it had been entered during the term of eight months hereinbefore stated.
[ 1893 c 132 § 10; RRS § 1171. Prior: Code 1881 § 1950; 1879 p 100 § 5; 1877 p 218 § 12.]
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