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Transfer of property may be enjoined.

The judge by whom the order or warrant was granted or to whom it is returnable may make an injunction order restraining any person or corporation, whether a party or not a party to the special proceeding, from making or suffering any transfer or other disposition of or interference with the property of the judgment debtor or the property or debt concerning which any person is required to attend and be examined, until further direction in the premises. Such an injunction may be made simultaneously with the order or warrant by which the special proceeding is instituted, and upon the same papers or afterwards, upon an affidavit showing sufficient grounds therefor. The judge or court may, as a condition of granting an application to vacate or modify the injunction order require the applicant to give security in such sum and in such manner as justice requires.
[ 1893 c 133 § 12; RRS § 624.]
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