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Order authorizing payment by debtor of judgment debtor.

At any time after the commencement of a special proceeding authorized by this chapter, and before the appointment of a receiver therein, or the extension of a receivership thereto, the judge by whom the order or warrant was granted or to whom it is made returnable, may in his or her discretion upon proof by affidavit to his or her satisfaction that a person or corporation is indebted to the judgment debtor, and upon such notice given to such person or corporation as he or she deems just, or without notice make an order permitting the person or corporation to pay the sheriff designated in the order a sum on account of the alleged indebtedness not exceeding the sum which will satisfy the execution. A payment thus made is to the extent thereof a discharge of the indebtedness except as against a transferee from the judgment debtor in good faith, and for a valuable consideration, of whose rights the person or corporation had actual or constructive notice when the payment was made.
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