Chapter 6.23 RCW



HTMLPDF 6.23.010Redemption from saleWho may redeemTerms include successors.
HTMLPDF 6.23.011Voluntary relinquishment of ownership rights by mortgagor may result in loss of redemption rights.
HTMLPDF 6.23.020Time for redemption from purchaserAmount to be paid.
HTMLPDF 6.23.030Notice to be given during redemption periodEffect of noncomplianceForm of notice and affidavit.
HTMLPDF 6.23.040Time for redemption from redemptionerSuccessive redemptionsAmount to be paid.
HTMLPDF 6.23.050Purchaser or redemptioner to file statements of amounts paid.
HTMLPDF 6.23.060Sheriff's deedWhen issued.
HTMLPDF 6.23.070Payment on successive redemptions.
HTMLPDF 6.23.080Redemption procedureCertificate to be recordedEvidence of right to redeem.
HTMLPDF 6.23.090Rents and profits during period of redemptionAccountingOption for reimbursement or extension on agricultural property.
HTMLPDF 6.23.100Restraining waste during redemption period.
HTMLPDF 6.23.110Possession during period of redemption.
HTMLPDF 6.23.120Listing of property for sale during redemption periodAcceptance of qualifying offer if property unredeemed and deed issuedProcedureDisposition of proceeds.