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Legislative findingsPurpose.

The legislature finds that:
(1) There is a severe shortage of federally assisted housing within the state of Washington. Over one hundred seventy thousand low and moderate-income households are eligible for federally assisted housing but are unable to locate vacant units.
(2) Within the next twenty years, more than twenty-six thousand existing low-income housing units may be lost as a result of the prepayment of mortgages or loans by the owners, or as a result of the expiration of rental assistance contracts. Over three thousand units of federally assisted housing have already been lost and an additional nine thousand units may be lost within the next two and one-half years.
(3) Recent reductions in federal housing assistance and tax benefits related to low-income housing make it uncertain whether additional units of federally assisted housing will be built or that those lost will be replaced.
(4) The loss of federally assisted housing will adversely affect current tenants and lead to their displacement. It will also drastically reduce the supply of affordable housing in our communities.
It is the purpose of this chapter to preserve federally assisted housing in the state of Washington and to minimize the involuntary displacement of tenants currently residing in such housing.
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