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DeclarationIntentPurpose1995 c 122.

The legislature recognizes that, in the decision of Guimont et al. v. Clarke, 121 Wn.2d (1993), the Washington supreme court held the mobile home relocation assistance program of chapter 59.21 RCW invalid for its monetary burden on mobile home park-owners. However, during the program's operation, substantial funds were validly collected from mobile home owners and accumulated in the mobile home park relocation fund, created under the program. The legislature intends to utilize those funds for the purposes for which they were collected. The legislature also recognizes that, for a period of almost three years since this state's courts invalidated the program, no such assistance was available. The most needy tenants may have been forced to sell or abandon rather than relocate their homes in the face of park closures. Because the purpose of the program was to assist relocation, those persons should be compensated in a like manner to those who could afford to pay for relocation without assistance. To that end, the legislature has: (1) Repealed RCW 59.21.020, 59.21.035, 59.21.080, 59.21.085, 59.21.095, 59.21.900, 59.21.901, 59.21.902, and 59.21.903; (2) amended RCW 59.21.010, 59.21.030, 59.21.040, 59.21.050, 59.21.070, * 59.21.100, 59.21.110, and 43.84.092; (3) reenacted without amendment RCW 59.21.005 and ** 59.21.105; and (4) added new sections to chapter 59.21 RCW.


Reviser's note: *(1) RCW 59.21.100 and 59.21.110 were not amended by 1995 c 122.
**(2) RCW 59.21.105 was reenacted and amended by 1995 c 122.
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