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Modification of bond.

The plaintiff or defendant at any time, upon two days' notice to the adverse party, may apply to the court or any judge thereof for an order raising or lowering the amount of any bond in this chapter provided for. Either party may, upon like notice, apply to the court or any judge thereof for an order requiring additional or other surety or sureties upon any such bond. Upon the hearing or any application made under the provisions of this section evidence may be given. The judge after hearing any such application shall make such an order as shall be just in the premises. The bondspersons may be required to be present at such hearing if so required in the notice thereof, and shall answer under oath all questions that may be asked them touching their qualifications as bondspersons, and in the event the bondspersons shall fail or refuse to appear at such hearing and so answer such questions the bond shall be stricken. In the event the court shall order a new or additional bond to be furnished by defendant, and the same shall not be given within twenty-four hours, the court shall order the sheriff to forthwith execute the writ. In the event the defendant shall file a second or additional bond and it shall also be found insufficient after hearing, as above provided, the right to retain the premises by bond shall be lost and the sheriff shall forthwith put the plaintiff in possession of the premises.


IntentFinding2007 c 218: See note following RCW 41.08.020.
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