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Resurvey and corrected platCorrected plat as evidence.

Whenever the recorded plat of any city or addition thereto does not definitely show the location or size of lots or blocks, or the location or width of any street or alley in such city or addition, the city council of the city in which the land so platted is located, is hereby authorized and empowered by ordinance and the action of its proper officers, to cause a new and correct survey and plat of such city or addition to be made, and recorded in the office of the county auditor of the county in which such city or addition is located, which corrected plat shall follow the plan of the original survey and plat, so far as the same can be ascertained and followed, and a certificate of the officer or surveyor making the same shall be endorsed thereon, referring to the original plat corrected thereby, and the deficit existing therein, and corrected by such new survey and plat; and the ordinance authorizing the making of such plat shall be recorded in the office of the county auditor of said county and said certificate shall show where said ordinance is recorded, and such plat when so made and recorded, or a copy thereof certified as provided in RCW 58.10.020 shall be admissible in evidence in all the courts in this state.
[Code 1881 § 2340; RRS § 9308. Formerly RCW 58.12.130.]
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