Chapter 58.04 RCW



HTMLPDF 58.04.001PurposeRemedies.
HTMLPDF 58.04.003Definition of surveyor.
HTMLPDF 58.04.007Affected landowners may resolve dispute over location of a point or lineProcedures.
HTMLPDF 58.04.011Authorization to enter upon any land or waters for purpose of resolving dispute.
HTMLPDF 58.04.015Disturbing a survey monumentPenaltyCost.
HTMLPDF 58.04.020Suit to establish lost or uncertain boundariesMediation may be required.
HTMLPDF 58.04.030CommissionersSurvey and report.
HTMLPDF 58.04.040Proceedings, conduct ofCosts.


Cities and towns
jurisdiction over adjacent waters (boundaries adjacent to or fronting thereon): RCW 35.21.160.
proposed boundaries required on incorporation: Chapter 35.02 RCW.
actions to establish boundaries: Chapter 36.05 RCW.
boundaries: Chapter 36.04 RCW.
roads and bridgesEstablishmentMonuments at government survey corners: RCW 36.86.050.
survey map, field notes and profiles: RCW 36.81.060.
Dike or ditch as common boundary: RCW 85.28.140.
Diking and drainage districtsBoundaries: Title 85 RCW.
Fences: Chapter 16.60 RCW.
Flood control districtsBoundaries: Title 86 RCW.
Harbor line commission: RCW 79.115.010.
Public waterway districtsBoundaries: Chapter 91.08 RCW.
Reclamation districts of one million acresBoundaries to be fixed: RCW 89.30.082.
Relocation of inner harbor line: RCW 79.115.020.
Shellfish cultivation or other aquaculture useSurvey and boundary markers: RCW 79.135.140.
Soil conservationAnnexation of territoryBoundary change: RCW 89.08.180.
Survey of county boundaries: RCW 36.04.400.
Tidelands, shorelandsBoundary of shorelands when water lowered: RCW 79.125.500.