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Disposition must be in public interestFilingsIndebtedness.

No district shall dispose of its property to a public utility district unless the respective board of commissioners of each district shall determine by resolution that such disposition is in the public interest and conducive to the public health, welfare, and convenience. Copies of each resolution, together with copies of the proposed disposition agreement, shall be filed with the legislative authority of the county in which the district is located and with the superior court of that county. Unless the proposed agreement provides otherwise, any outstanding indebtedness of any form owed by the water district shall remain the obligation of the area of the district, and the board of commissioners of the public utility district shall be empowered to make such levies, assessments, or charges upon that area or the water, sewer, or drainage users therein as shall pay off the indebtedness at maturity.


Part headings not lawEffective date1996 c 230: See notes following RCW 57.02.001.
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