Chapter 57.24 RCW



57.24.001Actions subject to review by boundary review board.
57.24.010Annexation authorizedPetitionNotice of hearing.
57.24.020Hearing procedureBoundariesElection, notice, judges.
57.24.040ElectionQualification of voters.
57.24.050Expense of election.
57.24.060Petition method is alternative to election method.
57.24.070Petition methodPetitionSignersContentCertain public properties excluded from local improvement districts.
57.24.080Petition methodHearingNotice.
57.24.090Petition methodResolution providing for annexation.
57.24.100Petition methodEffective date of annexationPrior indebtedness.
57.24.170Annexation of certain unincorporated territoryAuthorizedHearing.
57.24.180Annexation of certain unincorporated territoryOpportunity to be heardEffective date of annexation resolutionNoticeReferendum.
57.24.190Annexation of certain unincorporated territoryReferendum authorizedPetitionElectionEffective date of annexation.
57.24.200Expenditure of funds to provide certain information authorizedLimits.
57.24.210Annexation of certain unincorporated territory with boundaries contiguous to two municipal corporations providing water or sewer serviceProcedure.
57.24.220Assumption of substandard water systemLimited immunity from liability.
57.24.230Annexation of territory within citiesAuthorizedProcess.
57.24.240Annexation of territory within citiesHearing procedureElection notice.
57.24.250Annexation of territory within citiesElection.
57.24.260Annexation of territory within citiesAlternative method.
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