Chapter 57.20 RCW



57.20.010General obligation bondsTermIssuanceExcess bond retirement levies.
57.20.015Refunding general obligation bonds.
57.20.018Revenue bonds authorizedUse.
57.20.0181Additional revenue bonds for increased cost of improvements.
57.20.019Additions and betterments.
57.20.020Revenue bondsSpecial fund.
57.20.023Covenants to guarantee payment of revenue bondsBonds payable from same source may be issued on parity.
57.20.025Refunding revenue bonds.
57.20.027Revenue warrants and revenue bond anticipation warrants.
57.20.028Warrants, when authorizedProcedure.
57.20.030Local improvement guaranty fund.
57.20.080Guaranty fundSubrogation of district as trustee.
57.20.090Rights and remedies of bond owner.
57.20.105Vote on general indebtedness.
57.20.110Limitation of indebtedness.
57.20.120Additional indebtednessBallot proposition.
57.20.130BondsPayment of interest.
57.20.135TreasurerDesignationApprovalPowers and dutiesBond.
57.20.140Maintenance or general fund and special funds.
57.20.150Maintenance or general fund and special fundsUse of surplus in maintenance or general fund.
57.20.160Maintenance or general fund and special fundsDeposits and investments.
57.20.165Deposit account requirements.
57.20.170Maintenance or general fund and special fundsLoans from maintenance or general funds to construction funds or other funds.


Election to authorize revenue bonds: RCW 57.20.018.