Chapter 57.16 RCW



57.16.010General comprehensive plan of improvementsApproval of engineer, director of health, and city, town, or countyAmendments.
57.16.015Expenditures before plan adopted and approved.
57.16.045Additions and bettermentsAnnexed areas.
57.16.050Districts authorizedSpecial assessmentsBonds.
57.16.060Resolution or petition to form districtProcedureWritten protestNotice.
57.16.062HearingImprovement orderedDivestment of power to orderNoticeAppealAssessment roll.
57.16.065Notice must contain statement that assessments may vary from estimates.
57.16.070Hearing on assessment rollNotice.
57.16.073Sanitary sewer and potable water facilitiesNotice to certain property owners.
57.16.080Enlarged district.
57.16.100Conclusiveness of rollCorrection of errors.
57.16.110Segregation of assessmentProcedure.
57.16.140Excess sewer capacity or water supply not grounds for zoning decision challenge.
57.16.150Foreclosure of assessmentsAttorneys' fees.
57.16.160Review of sewer general comprehensive planTime limitationsNotice of rejection of plan or extension of timeline.


Acquisition of property subject to local improvement assessments: RCW 79.44.190.
Deferral of special assessments: Chapter 84.38 RCW.
Local improvements, supplemental authority: Chapter 35.51 RCW.