Chapter 57.02 RCW



57.02.001Reclassification of water and sewer districtsPrevious actions valid.
57.02.010Petition signatures of property ownersRules governing.
57.02.015Board of commissioners may notify property owners about petitionsReview of petitionsInformation.
57.02.030Title to be liberally construed.
57.02.040Water-sewer district activities to be approvedCriteria for approval by county legislative authority.
57.02.045Approval by county legislative authority final, whenBoundary review board approval.
57.02.050Multicounty districtsDelegation of dutiesExceptions.
57.02.070Ratification of actions for the formation, annexation, consolidation, or merger of water districts prior to July 10, 1982.
57.02.080Water-sewer districts desiring to merge into irrigation districtsProcedure.
57.02.100Single-family homes and townhousesMultipurpose fire sprinkler systems.


Effect when city or town takes over portion of water system: RCW 57.08.035.