Chapter 54.28 RCW



54.28.011"Gross revenue" defined.
54.28.020Tax imposedRatesAdditional tax imposed.
54.28.025Tax imposed with respect to thermal electric generating facilitiesRateAdditional tax imposed.
54.28.040Tax computedPaymentPenaltiesDisposition.
54.28.050Distribution of tax.
54.28.055Distribution of tax proceeds from thermal electric generating facilities.
54.28.070Municipal taxesMay be passed on.
54.28.080Additional tax for payment on bonded indebtedness of school districts.
54.28.090Deposit of funds to credit of certain taxing districtsRetention and distribution of tax proceeds for county with district owned by another county.
54.28.100Use of moneys received by taxing district.
54.28.110Voluntary payments by district to taxing entity for removal of property from tax rolls.
54.28.120Amount of tax if district acquires electric utility property from public service company.
54.28.125Public utility district privilege taxTools for administration.
54.28.140Tax preferencesExpiration dates.


Special benefit assessmentsProperty taxesExemptions: RCW 84.34.300 through 84.34.380.