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Local improvement guaranty fundCertificates of delinquencyContents, purchase, payment, issuance, sale.

Within twenty days after the date of delinquency of any annual installment of assessments levied for the purpose of paying the local improvement bonds and/or warrants of a district guaranteed hereunder, the county treasurer shall compile a statement of all installments delinquent together with the amount of accrued interest and penalty appurtenant to each installment, and shall forthwith purchase, for the district, certificates of delinquency for all such delinquent installments. Payment for the certificates shall be made from the local improvement guaranty fund and if there is not sufficient money in that fund to pay for the certificates, the county treasurer shall accept the local improvement guaranty fund warrants in payment therefor. All certificates shall be issued in the name of the local improvement guaranty fund and all guaranty fund warrants issued in payment therefor shall be issued in the name of the appropriate local utility district fund. When a market is available and the commissioners direct, the county treasurer shall sell any certificates belonging to the local improvement guaranty fund, for not less than face value thereof plus accrued interest from date of issuance to date of sale.
The certificates shall be issued by the county treasurer, shall bear interest at the rate of ten percent per year, shall each be for the face value of the delinquent installment, plus accrued interest to date of issuance, plus a penalty of five percent of the face value, and shall set forth the:
(1) Description of property assessed;
(2) Date the installment of assessment became delinquent; and
(3) Name of the owner or reputed owner, if known.
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