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In any condemnation proceeding heretofore or hereafter instituted or conducted by a public utility district for the acquisition of properties, the district may serve upon the condemnee's attorneys of record and file with the court a notice of its intention to present a decree of appropriation together with a demand for a verified statement showing in reasonable detail the following information with respect to the operation of the properties since the date of verdict, if the case was tried by jury, or since the date of the judgment fixing compensation, if the case was tried by the court, namely: the cost of any improvements and betterments to the properties which were reasonably necessary and prudently made; the gross income received from the properties, betterments and improvements; the actual reasonable expense, exclusive of depreciation, incurred in the operation thereof. If the condemnee fails to serve and file the statement within fifteen days after service of the demand therefor, it may be compelled to do so by contempt proceedings, and the time during which such proceedings are pending shall not be considered in computing the time within which the district may exercise its right of appropriation. After the statement is filed, the district may pay the amount of the verdict or judgment plus (1) accrued interest thereon less the net income before allowance for depreciation, and (2) the cost of such improvements and betterments, all as shown by the sworn statement, and concurrently obtain its decree of appropriation. The condemnee may retire from use after the verdict or judgment such items of the properties as may be reasonably necessary in the ordinary and usual course of operation thereof, in which case it shall show in its statement the reasonable value of such items retired, and the district may deduct such value from the sum otherwise payable by it. If the condemnee fails to file the statement within fifteen days after service of the demand therefor, the district at its option may pay the full amount of the judgment or verdict plus accrued interest thereon and concurrently obtain a decree of appropriation.
After payment has been made and the decree of appropriation entered as provided in this section, the district or the condemnee shall be entitled to an accounting in the condemnation proceedings to determine the true amount of each item required to be furnished in the above statement, and to payment of any balance found due in such accounting.
Whenever any such condemnation proceedings have been, or hereafter may be abandoned, no new proceedings for the acquisition of the same or substantially similar properties shall be instituted until the expiration of one year from the date of such abandonment, but such proceedings may be instituted at any time thereafter.
[ 1945 c 130 § 3; Rem. Supp. 1945 § 10459-13. Formerly RCW 54.20.010 through 54.20.050.]


PurposeSeverability1945 c 130: See notes following RCW 54.04.100.
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