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Appliance repair serviceOperation by district.

Any public utility district that has operated an electrical appliance repair service for at least ten years prior to July 24, 2005, may continue to operate an electrical appliance repair service within its service territory.


Intent2005 c 175: "It is the intent of the legislature to avoid unnecessary hardships on the citizens of a community by recognizing the traditional appliance repair services that have been offered for many years by any public utility district described in section 2 of this act.
The legislature understands that some of these services improve the energy efficiency of the appliance repaired, which helps citizens save money and energy as well as extending the life of the appliance.
The legislature recognizes these historic services coexist with the private sector without creating aggressive competition between public and private enterprises.
It is the intent of the legislature to have these services be financially self-supporting and not be subsidized by any other customer rate structures.
Public utility districts affected by this act are encouraged to continue to work collaboratively with the private sector in providing these services." [ 2005 c 175 § 1.]
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