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Joint exercise of powers and joint acquisition of properties.

Any two or more public utility districts organized under the provisions of the laws of this state shall have the power, by mutual agreement, to exercise jointly all powers granted to each individual district, and in the exercise of such powers shall have the right and power to acquire jointly all or any part of any electric utility properties which, at *the time of the passage of this act, constitutes an interconnected and physically integrated electric utility system, whether entirely within or partly within and partly without such districts: PROVIDED, That any two or more districts so acting jointly, by mutual agreement, shall not acquire any electric utility distribution properties in any other public utility district without the consent of such district, and shall not exercise jointly the power to condemn any privately owned utility property or any public utility owned by a municipality, to levy taxes or, to create subdistricts.
[ 1949 c 227 § 2; Rem. Supp. 1949 § 10459-15.]


*Reviser's note: As to "the time of the passage of this act," the legislative history of chapter 227, Laws of 1949 is as follows: Passed the house March 8, 1949; passed the senate March 7, 1949; approved by the governor March 22, 1949.
Joint operating agency: RCW 43.52.360.
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