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Procedure when petition is signed by majority of landowners.

When a petition signed by a majority of the landowners in a proposed local improvement district is filed with the commission, asking that the improvement therein described be ordered, the commission shall forthwith fix a date for hearing thereon after which it shall, by resolution, order the improvement, and may alter the boundaries of the proposed district; prepare and adopt the improvement; prepare and adopt detail plans thereof; declare the estimated cost thereof, what proportion of the cost shall be borne by the local district, and what proportion, if any, shall be borne by the entire public utility district, and provide the general funds thereof to be applied thereto, if any; acquire all lands and other properties therefor; pay all damages caused thereby; and commence in the name of the public utility district such eminent domain proceedings and supplemental assessment or reassessment proceedings to pay all eminent domain awards necessary to entitle the district to proceed with the work, and shall thereafter proceed with the work, and shall file with the county treasurer its roll levying special assessments in the amount to be paid by special assessment against the property in the local improvement district in proportion to the special benefits to be derived by the property in the local district from the improvement: PROVIDED, HOWEVER, No such improvement shall be ordered unless the same appears to the commission to be financially and economically feasible: AND PROVIDED FURTHER, That the commission may require as a condition to ordering such improvement or to making its determination as to the financial and economic feasibility, that all or a portion of such engineering, legal, or other costs incurred or to be incurred by the commission in determining financial and economic feasibility shall be borne or guaranteed by the petitioners of the proposed local improvement district under such rules as the commission may adopt. No person shall withdraw his or her name from the petition after the same has been filed with the commission.
[ 2010 c 8 s 17008; 1959 c 142 s 3; 1955 c 390 s 16. Prior: 1945 c 143 s 1(l), part; 1931 c 1 s 6(l), part; Rem. Supp. 1945 s 11610(l), part.]
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