Chapter 53.46 RCW



53.46.010Consolidation authorizedPetition or resolution, contents.
53.46.020Special electionConduct.
53.46.030Certification of electionEstablishment as municipal corporationCommissioners, terms.
53.46.040Prior obligationsPowers of consolidated districtSeparation of funds.
53.46.050County commissioners may act if no active port commission.
53.46.060Dissolution of district which has no active commissionAuthority of county commissioners.
53.46.070Title to property vests in consolidated district.
53.46.080District including area from two or more countiesProcedure to determine proportion of taxes.
53.46.090District including area from two or more countiesLevy and collection of taxesPrincipal county treasurer, duties.
53.46.100General powers of consolidated districtDebt limitation.