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Export trading companiesAuthorizedAdoption of business plan.

(1) Public port districts, formed under chapter 53.04 RCW are authorized to establish export trading companies and a company so formed may contract with other public ports, financial institutions, freight forwarders, and public or private concerns within or outside the state to carry out the purposes of this chapter. A port district may participate financially in only one export trading company.
(2) A port district proposing to establish an export trading company shall adopt a business plan with safeguards and limitations to ensure that any private benefit to be realized from the use of funds of the export trading company are incidental to the purposes of this chapter. The business plan shall be adopted only after public hearing and shall be reviewed at least once every two years. Amendments to the plan shall be adopted only after public hearing. The business plan shall include:
(a) A description of export promotion activities to be conducted during the period of the plan;
(b) A proposed budget of operations which shall include an itemized list of estimated revenues and expenditures;
(c) A description of the safeguards and limitations which ensure that the export trading company will best be used to enhance international trade and produce public benefit in the form of employment, capital investment, and tax revenues;
(d) A description of private competitors which may be capable of providing the functions in the business plan; and
(e) Such other matters as may be determined by the port district.
(3) A port district, for the purpose of establishing or promoting an export trading company under this chapter, may provide financial assistance to the export trading company. A port district may not provide such assistance or services for more than five years or in an amount greater than five hundred thousand dollars.
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