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Management of contractsGuidelines.

(1) The municipal research [and] services center, in cooperation with the Washington public ports association, shall develop guidelines for the effective and efficient management of personal service contracts by all ports. The guidelines must, at a minimum, include:
(a) Accounting methods, systems, measures, and principles to be used by ports and consultants;
(b) Precontract procedures for selecting potential consultants based on their qualifications and ability to perform;
(c) Incorporation of performance measures and measurable benchmarks in contracts, and the use of performance audits;
(d) Uniform contract terms to ensure contract performance and compliance with port, state, and federal standards;
(e) Proper payment and reimbursement methods to ensure that the port receives full value for taxpayer moneys, including cost settlements and cost allowance;
(f) Postcontract procedures, including methods for recovering improperly spent or overspent moneys for disallowance and adjustment;
(g) Adequate contract remedies and sanctions to ensure compliance;
(h) Monitoring, fund tracking, risk assessment, and auditing procedures and requirements;
(i) Financial reporting, record retention, and record access procedures and requirements;
(j) Procedures and criteria for terminating contracts for cause or otherwise; and
(k) Any other subject related to effective and efficient contract management.
(2) The municipal research [and] services center shall submit a status report on the guidelines required by subsection (1) of this section to the governor and the appropriate standing committees of the legislature no later than December 1, 2008.
(3) The Washington public ports association shall publish a guidebook for use by ports containing the guidelines developed under subsection (1) of this section.
(4) The municipal research [and] services center and the Washington public ports association shall each make the guidelines available on their websites.
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