Chapter 53.12 RCW



53.12.005Definition"Gross operating revenue."
53.12.010Port commissionNumber of commissioners, districts.
53.12.021Elimination of commissioner districts.
53.12.061Elections to conform with general election law.
53.12.115Increasing number of commissionersResolution, petitionBallot proposition.
53.12.120Increasing number of commissionersPopulation requirementsBallot propositionElection of added commissioners.
53.12.130Increasing number of commissionersElection of additional commissionersCommencement and terms of office.
53.12.135Voluntary change to electoral system.
53.12.172Port commissioner terms of office.
53.12.175Reducing port commissioner termsBallot proposition.
53.12.221TermsDistricts covering entire county with populations of one hundred thousand or more.
53.12.245Organization of commissionPowers and dutiesRecord of proceedings.
53.12.265Waiver of compensation.
53.12.270Delegation of powers to managing official of port districtWaiver of competitive bidding requirements.


Elections: Title 29A RCW.
Redistricting by local governments and municipal corporationsCensus information forPlan, prepared when, criteria for, hearing on, request for review of, certification, remandSanctions when review request frivolous: RCW 29A.76.010.