Chapter 52.22 RCW



HTMLPDF 52.22.011Legislative validation.
HTMLPDF 52.22.021Special proceedings for judicial confirmation of organization, bonds, warrants, contracts, etc.
HTMLPDF 52.22.031Petition.
HTMLPDF 52.22.041Hearing date to be fixedNotice.
HTMLPDF 52.22.051Answer of petition.
HTMLPDF 52.22.061Pleading and practiceMotion for new trial.
HTMLPDF 52.22.071Jurisdiction of court.
HTMLPDF 52.22.081Minor irregularities to be disregarded.
HTMLPDF 52.22.091Costs.
HTMLPDF 52.22.101Appellate review.
HTMLPDF 52.22.111Districts governed by Title 52 RCW.