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Resolution establishing benefit chargesContentsListingCollection.

The resolution establishing benefit charges as specified in RCW 52.18.010 shall specify, by legal geographical areas or other specific designations, the charge to apply to each property by location, type, or other designation, or other information that is necessary to the proper computation of the benefit charge to be charged to each property owner subject to the resolution. The county assessor of each county in which the district is located shall determine and identify the personal properties and improvements to real property which are subject to a benefit charge in each fire protection district and shall furnish and deliver to the county treasurer of that county a listing of the properties with information describing the location, legal description, and address of the person to whom the statement of benefit charges is to be mailed, the name of the owner, and the value of the property and improvements, together with the benefit charge to apply to each. These benefit charges shall be certified to the county treasurer for collection in the same manner that is used for the collection of fire protection charges for forestlands protected by the department of natural resources under RCW 76.04.610 and the same penalties and provisions for collection shall apply.
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