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Setting fires for firefighter instructionWhen burning permit not requiredNotice, inspection required.

Without obtaining a permit issued under RCW 70A.15.5090, fire protection district firefighters may set fire to structures located outside of urban growth areas in counties that plan under the requirements of RCW 36.70A.040, and outside of any city with a population of ten thousand or more in all other counties, for instruction in methods of firefighting, if all of the following conditions are met:
(1) In consideration of prevailing air patterns, the fire is unlikely to cause air pollution in areas of sensitivity downwind of the proposed fire location;
(2) The fire is not located in an area that is declared to be in an air pollution episode or any stage of an impaired air quality as defined in RCW 70A.15.6010 and 70A.15.3580;
(3) Nuisance laws are applicable to the fire, including nuisances related to the unreasonable interference with the enjoyment of life and property and the depositing of particulate matter or ash on other property;
(4) Notice of the fire is provided to the owners of property adjoining the property on which the fire will occur, to other persons who potentially will be impacted by the fire, and to additional persons in a broader manner as specifically requested by the local air pollution control agency or the department of ecology;
(5) Each structure that is proposed to be set on fire must be identified specifically as a structure to be set on fire. Each other structure on the same parcel of property that is not proposed to be set on fire must be identified specifically as a structure not to be set on fire; and
(6) Before setting a structure on fire, a good-faith inspection is conducted by the fire agency or fire protection district conducting the training fire to determine if materials containing asbestos are present, the inspection is documented in writing and forwarded to the appropriate local air authority or the department of ecology if there is no local air authority, and asbestos that is found is removed as required by state and federal laws.


Explanatory statement2021 c 65: See note following RCW 53.54.030.
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