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Reimbursement for fire suppression costs on state landsLimitations.

Fire protection districts in proximity to land protected by a state agency are encouraged to enter into mutually beneficial contracts covering reciprocal response arrangements. In the absence of such a contractual agreement, a fire protection district that takes immediate action on such land outside of its jurisdictional boundaries, if such immediate response could prevent the spread of the fire onto lands protected by the district, shall be reimbursed by the state agency for its reasonable fire suppression costs that are incurred until the responsible agency takes charge, but in no event shall the costs exceed a twenty-four hour period. A fire protection district suppressing a fire on such lands shall as soon as practicable notify the responsible agency. The state agency shall not be responsible to pay such reimbursement if it is not so notified.
Reasonable efforts shall be taken to protect evidence of the fire's origin. The state agency shall not be responsible to pay such reimbursement if reasonable efforts are not taken to protect such evidence.
Requests for reimbursement shall be submitted within thirty days of the complete suppression of the fire. Reasonable costs submitted for reimbursement include all salaries and expenses of personnel, equipment, and supplies and shall take into consideration the amount of compensation, if any, paid by the fire protection district to its firefighters.
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