Chapter 52.04 RCW



52.04.001Actions subject to review by boundary review board.
52.04.011Annexation of territory by election methodProcedureIndebtednessElection dispensed with, when.
52.04.021Annexation by petition methodAlternative to election method.
52.04.031Annexation by petition methodPetitionSignersContent.
52.04.041Annexation by petition methodHearingNotice.
52.04.051Annexation by petition methodResolution providing for annexation.
52.04.056Withdrawal or reannexation of areas.
52.04.061Annexation of proximate city or townProcedureDefinition.
52.04.071Annexation of proximate city or townElection.
52.04.081Annexation of proximate city or townAnnual tax leviesLimitations.
52.04.091Additional territory annexed by city to be part of district.
52.04.101Withdrawal by annexed city or townElection.
52.04.111Annexation of city, code city, or townTransfer of employees.
52.04.121Annexation of city, code city, or townTransfer of employeesRights and benefits.
52.04.131Annexation of city, code city, or townTransfer of employeesNoticeTime limitation.
52.04.141Annexation of contiguous territory not in same county.
52.04.151Annexation of territory not in same countyDistrict name.
52.04.161Newly incorporated city or town deemed annexed by districtWithdrawal.
52.04.171Annexation of property subject to excess levyRepayment of voter-approved indebtedness.
52.04.181Final reportFees assessed for fire protectionFindingsAnnexation of parcels by local fire districtsAuthorityProcedure.


Merger of part of district with adjacent district: RCW 52.06.090.