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Payment of compensation after appealEnforcement of orderPenalty.

(1)(a) If the worker or beneficiary in a state fund claim prevails in an appeal by any party to the board or the court, the department shall comply with the board or court's order with respect to the payment of compensation within the later of the following time periods:
(i) Sixty days after the compensation order has become final and is not subject to review or appeal; or
(ii) If the order has become final and is not subject to review or appeal and the department has, within the period specified in (a)(i) of this subsection, requested the filing by the worker or beneficiary of documents necessary to make payment of compensation, sixty days after all requested documents are filed with the department.
The department may extend the sixty-day time period for an additional thirty days for good cause.
(b) If the department fails to comply with (a) of this subsection, any person entitled to compensation under the order may institute proceedings for injunctive or other appropriate relief for enforcement of the order. These proceedings may be instituted in the superior court for the county in which the claimant resides, or, if the claimant is not then a resident of this state, in the superior court for Thurston county.
(2) In a proceeding under this section, the court shall enforce obedience to the order by proper means, enjoining compliance upon the person obligated to comply with the compensation order. The court may issue such writs and processes as are necessary to carry out its orders and may award a penalty of up to one thousand dollars to the person entitled to compensation under the order.
(3) A proceeding under this section does not preclude other methods of enforcement provided for in this title.


Application1995 c 276: "This act applies to all appeals in state fund claims determined under Title 51 RCW on or after July 23, 1995, regardless of the date of filing of the claim." [ 1995 c 276 § 2.]
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