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Worker's application for compensationPhysician to aid in.

*** CHANGE IN 2023 *** (SEE 1197.SL) ***
(1)(a) Where a worker is entitled to compensation under this title he or she shall file with the department or his or her self-insured employer, as the case may be, his or her application for such, together with the certificate of the physician or licensed advanced registered nurse practitioner who attended him or her. An application form developed by the department shall include a notice specifying the worker's right to receive health services from a physician or licensed advanced registered nurse practitioner of the worker's choice under RCW 51.36.010, including chiropractic services under RCW 51.36.015, and listing the types of providers authorized to provide these services.
(b) The physician or licensed advanced registered nurse practitioner who attended the injured worker shall inform the injured worker of his or her rights under this title and lend all necessary assistance in making this application for compensation and such proof of other matters as required by the rules of the department without charge to the worker. The department shall provide physicians with a manual which outlines the procedures to be followed in applications for compensation involving occupational diseases, and which describes claimants' rights and responsibilities related to occupational disease claims.
(2) If the application required by this section is:
(a) Filed on behalf of the worker by the physician who attended the worker, the physician may transmit the application to the department electronically using facsimile mail;
(b) Made to the department and the employer has not received a copy of the application, the department shall immediately send a copy of the application to the employer; or
(c) Made to a self-insured employer, the employer shall forthwith send a copy of the application to the department.
[ 2005 c 108 § 3; (2005 c 108 § 2 expired June 30, 2007); 2004 c 65 § 4; 2001 c 231 § 2; 1984 c 159 § 3; 1977 ex.s. c 350 § 33; 1971 ex.s. c 289 § 38; 1961 c 23 § 51.28.020. Prior: 1927 c 310 § 6, part; 1921 c 182 § 7, part; 1911 c 74 § 12, part; RRS § 7686, part.]


Effective date2005 c 108 § 3: "Section 3 of this act takes effect June 30, 2007." [ 2005 c 108 § 6.]
Expiration date2005 c 108 § 2: "Section 2 of this act expires June 30, 2007." [ 2005 c 108 § 5.]
Report to legislatureEffective dateSeverability2004 c 65: See notes following RCW 51.04.030.
Effective date2001 c 231: See note following RCW 51.28.010.
Effective datesSeverability1971 ex.s. c 289: See RCW 51.98.060 and 51.98.070.
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