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Delinquent employersPenalty after demandInjunctive relief.

If any employer shall default in any payment to any fund, the sum due may be collected by action at law in the name of the state as plaintiff, and such right of action shall be in addition to any other right of action or remedy. If such default occurs after demand, the director may require from the defaulting employer a bond to the state for the benefit of any fund, with surety to the director's satisfaction, in the penalty of double the amount of the estimated payments which will be required from such employer into the said funds for and during the ensuing one year, together with any penalty or penalties incurred. In case of refusal or failure after written demand personally served to furnish such bond, the state shall be entitled to an injunction restraining the delinquent from prosecuting an occupation or work until such bond is furnished, and until all delinquent premiums, penalties, interest, and costs are paid, conditioned for the prompt and punctual making of all payments into said funds during such periods, and any sale, transfer, or lease attempted to be made by such delinquent during the period of any of the defaults herein mentioned, of his or her works, plant, or lease thereto, shall be invalid until all past delinquencies are made good, and such bond furnished.
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