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Employer's duty to maintain records, furnish informationElectronic reporting systemRequirement and penaltiesConfidentiality of claims dataRules.

(1) Every self-insurer shall maintain a record of all payments of compensation made under this title. The self-insurer shall furnish to the director all information the self-insurer has in its possession as to any disputed claim, upon forms approved by the director.
(2)(a) The department shall establish an electronic reporting system for the submission to the department of specified self-insurance claims data to more effectively monitor the performance of self-insurers and to obtain claims information in an efficient manner.
(b) Self-insurers shall submit claims data electronically in the format and frequency prescribed by the department.
(c) Electronic submittal to the department of specified claims data is required to maintain self-insurance certification. The department shall establish an escalating schedule of penalties for noncompliance with this requirement, up to and including withdrawal of self-insurance certification.
(d) Claims data reported to the department electronically by individual self-insurers are confidential in accordance with RCW 51.16.070 and 51.28.070. The department may publish, for statistical purposes, aggregated claims data that contain no personal identifiers.
(3) The department shall adopt rules to administer this section.
[ 2005 c 145 § 2; (2005 c 145 § 1 expired July 1, 2008); 1971 ex.s. c 289 § 35.]


Effective date2005 c 145 §§ 2 and 3: "Sections 2 and 3 of this act take effect July 1, 2008." [ 2005 c 145 § 5.]
Expiration date2005 c 145 § 1: "Section 1 of this act expires July 1, 2008." [ 2005 c 145 § 4.]
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