Chapter 51.12 RCW



HTMLPDF 51.12.010Employments includedDeclaration of policy.
HTMLPDF 51.12.020Employments excluded.
HTMLPDF 51.12.025Persons working on parents' family farmsOptional exclusion from coverage.
HTMLPDF 51.12.035Volunteers.
HTMLPDF 51.12.045Offenders performing community restitution.
HTMLPDF 51.12.050Public entity workPartnerships with volunteer groups and businesses for community improvement projects.
HTMLPDF 51.12.060Federal projects.
HTMLPDF 51.12.070Work done by contractSubcontractorsNonemergency transportation brokers.
HTMLPDF 51.12.080Railway employees.
HTMLPDF 51.12.090Intrastate and interstate commerce.
HTMLPDF 51.12.095Common carrier employeesOwners and operators of trucks.
HTMLPDF 51.12.100Maritime occupationsSegregation of payrollsCommon enterpriseGeoduck harvesting.
HTMLPDF 51.12.102Maritime workersAsbestos-related disease.
HTMLPDF 51.12.110Elective adoptionWithdrawalCancellation.
HTMLPDF 51.12.120Extraterritorial coverage.
HTMLPDF 51.12.130Registered apprentices or trainees.
HTMLPDF 51.12.140Volunteer law enforcement officers.
HTMLPDF 51.12.150Musicians and entertainers.
HTMLPDF 51.12.160Foreign degree-granting institutionsEmployee services in country of domicile.
HTMLPDF 51.12.170Student volunteers and unpaid students.
HTMLPDF 51.12.175Student volunteers and unpaid studentsHours of volunteer service option to not track.
HTMLPDF 51.12.185For hire vehicle owners or lesseesRetrospective rating program.


Ferry system employees: RCW 47.64.070.
Health and safety of underground workers: Chapter 49.24 RCW.