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"State fund""State of Washington industrial insurance fund."

"State fund" means those funds held by the state or any agency thereof for the purposes of this title. The "state of Washington industrial insurance fund" means the department when acting as the agency to insure the industrial insurance obligation of employers. The terms "state fund" and "state of Washington industrial insurance fund" shall be deemed synonymous when applied to the functions of the department connected with the insuring of employers who secure the payment of industrial insurance benefits through the state. The director shall manage the state fund and the state of Washington industrial insurance fund and shall have such powers as are necessary to carry out its functions and may reinsure any risk insured by the state fund.


SeverabilityEffective date1977 ex.s. c 323: See notes following RCW 51.04.040.
Effective datesSeverability1971 ex.s. c 289: See RCW 51.98.060 and 51.98.070.
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