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Statutes of limitation saved.

If the provisions of this title relative to compensation for injuries to or death of workers become invalid because of any adjudication, or be repealed, the period intervening between the occurrence of an injury or death, not previously compensated for under this title by lump payment or completed monthly payments, and such repeal or the rendition of the final adjudication of invalidity shall not be computed as a part of the time limited by law for the commencement of any action relating to such injury or death: PROVIDED, That such action be commenced within one year after such repeal or adjudication; but in any such action any sum paid out of the accident fund to the worker on account of injury, to whom the action is prosecuted, shall be taken into account or disposed of as follows: If the defendant employer shall have paid without delinquency into the accident fund the payment provided by this title, such sums shall be credited upon the recovery as payment thereon, otherwise the sum shall not be so credited but shall be deducted from the sum collected and be paid into the said fund from which they had been previously disbursed.
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