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Establishment of investigation unitReceipt and use of criminal history information.

(1) There is established an investigation unit within the department for the purpose of detection, investigation, and prosecution of any act prohibited or declared to be unlawful under this title. The director will employ supervisory and investigative personnel for the program, who must be qualified by training and experience.
(2) The director and the investigation unit are authorized to receive criminal history record information that includes nonconviction data for any purpose associated with the investigation, abuse, fraud, or suitability for involvement of persons under Title 51 RCW. Dissemination or use of nonconviction data for purposes other than that authorized in this section is prohibited.


Finding2008 c 74: "The legislature finds it necessary to provide the authority to allow specific units within the agencies affected by this act to access criminal history information for certified criminal justice purposes. For the agencies indicated in sections 2 through 7 of this act, the accessing of this information is for investigative purposes so that the agencies are able to efficiently address areas of potential fraud and abuse and to maintain the safety of investigative staff. For the agency responsible for administering and enforcing section 8 of this act, accessing this information is necessary for any purpose associated with employment by the commission or peace officer certification." [ 2008 c 74 § 1.]
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