Chapter 50A.30 RCW



HTMLPDF 50A.30.010In general.
HTMLPDF 50A.30.015Voluntary plansReapproval.
HTMLPDF 50A.30.020Employee eligibility.
HTMLPDF 50A.30.030Employees no longer covered.
HTMLPDF 50A.30.035Voluntary plansPosting of notice regarding plan.
HTMLPDF 50A.30.040Employee costs.
HTMLPDF 50A.30.045Voluntary plansRemaining wage deductions upon withdrawal of plan.
HTMLPDF 50A.30.050Voluntary plansEmployee contributions and income held in trust.
HTMLPDF 50A.30.055Voluntary plansSuccessor employer.
HTMLPDF 50A.30.060Amendment.
HTMLPDF 50A.30.065Voluntary plansTermination by commissioner.
HTMLPDF 50A.30.070Employer penalties.
HTMLPDF 50A.30.075Appeals.
HTMLPDF 50A.30.080Voluntary plansReports, information, and records.