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Washington servesVolunteersSelectionPlacement.

(1) Program volunteers shall be selected from among qualified individuals submitting applications for full-time service at such time, in such form, and containing such information as may be necessary to evaluate the suitability of each individual for service, and available placements. The commissioner or the commissioner's designee shall review the application of each individual who applies in conformance with selection criteria established by the commissioner after consultation with the council, and who, on the basis of the information provided in the application, is determined to be suitable to serve as a volunteer under the Washington serves program.
(2) Within available funds, volunteers may be placed with any public or private nonprofit organization, program, or project that qualifies to accept program volunteers according to the rules and application procedures established by the commissioner. Work shall benefit the community or state at large and may include but is not limited to programs, projects, or activities that:
(a) Address the problems of jobless, homeless, hungry, illiterate, or functionally illiterate persons, and low-income youths;
(b) Provide support and a special focus on those project activities that address the needs of the unemployed and those in need of job training or retraining;
(c) Address significant health care problems, including services to homeless individuals and other low-income persons, especially children, through prevention and treatment;
(d) Meet the health, education, welfare, or related needs of low-income persons, particularly children and low-income minority communities;
(e) Provide care or rehabilitation services to the mentally ill, developmentally disabled, or other persons with disabilities;
(f) Address the educational and education-related needs of children, youth, families, and young adults within public educational institutions or related programs;
(g) Address alcohol and drug abuse prevention, education, and related activities; and
(h) Seek to enhance, improve, or restore the environment or that educate or advocate for a sustainable environment.
(3) Every reasonable effort shall be made to place participants in programs, projects, or activities of their choice if the agencies, programs, or activities are consistent with the intent and purposes of the Washington serves program, if there is mutual agreement between the agency, program, or activity and the volunteer, and if the volunteer's service is consistent with the intent and purpose of the program and would benefit the community or the state as a whole.
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