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Washington service corpsPlacement under work agreements.

Placements in the Washington service corps shall be made in supervising agencies under work agreements as provided under this chapter and shall include those assignments which provide for addressing community needs and conservation problems and will assist the community in economic development efforts. Each work agreement shall:
(1) Demonstrate that the service project is appropriate for the enrollee's interests, skills, and abilities and that the project is designed to meet unmet community needs;
(2) Include a requirement of regular performance evaluation. This shall include clear work performance standards set by the supervising agency and procedures for identifying strengths, recommended improvement areas and conditions for probation or dismissal of the enrollee; and
(3) Include a commitment for partial financial support for the enrollee from private industry, public agencies, community groups, or foundations. The commissioner may establish additional standards for the development of placements for enrollees with supervising agencies and assure that the work agreements comply with those standards. This section shall not apply to conservation corps programs established by chapter 43.220 RCW.
Agencies of the state may use the Washington service corps for the purpose of employing youth qualifying under this chapter.


Effective date1993 c 302: See note following RCW 50.65.030.
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