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Legislative findings.

The legislature finds that:
(1) The unemployment rate in the state of Washington is the highest since the great depression, with a significantly higher rate among Washington youth.
(2) The policy of the state is to conserve and protect its natural and urban resources, scenic beauty, and historical and cultural sites.
(3) It is in the public interest to target employment projects to those activities which have the greatest benefit to the local economy.
(4) There are many unemployed young adults without hope or opportunities for entrance into the labor force who are unable to afford higher education and who create a serious strain on tax revenues in community services.
(5) The severe cutbacks in community and human services funding leave many local community service agencies without the resources to provide necessary services to those in need.
(6) The talent and energy of Washington's unemployed young adults are an untapped resource which should be challenged to meet the serious shortage in community services and promote and conserve the valuable resources of the state.
Therefore, the legislature finds it necessary and in the public interest to enact the Washington youth employment and conservation act. As part of this chapter, the Washington service corps is established as an operating program of the employment security department. The legislature desires to facilitate the potential of youth to obtain available job opportunities in both public and private agencies.
[ 1987 c 167 § 1; 1983 1st ex.s. c 50 § 1.]


Reviser's note: Wherever the phrase "this act" occurred in RCW 50.65.010 through 50.65.130, it has been changed to "this chapter." "This act" [1983 1st ex.s. c 50] consists of this chapter and three uncodified sections.
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