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Approved planRevocationReview of plans.

The commissioner may revoke approval of a shared work compensation plan for good cause. The revocation order shall be in writing and shall specify the date the revocation is effective and the reasons for the revocation. Good cause for revocation shall include failure to comply with the assurances given in the plan, unreasonable revision of productivity standards, conduct or occurrences tending to defeat the intent and effective operation of the plan, and violation of the criteria on which approval of the plan was based.
Such action may be initiated at any time by the commissioner on his or her own motion, on the motion of any of the affected employees, or on the motion of the appropriate collective bargaining agents. The commissioner shall review each plan at least once within the twelve-month period the plan is in effect to assure that it continues to meet the requirements of this chapter.


Short titleEffective dateConflict with federal requirements2009 c 3: See notes following RCW 50.20.120.
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