Chapter 50.44 RCW



50.44.010Religious, charitable, educational, or other nonprofit organizationsExemptionPayments.
50.44.020Instrumentalities of this state, other states, political subdivisions.
50.44.030Political subdivisions, instrumentalities of this state and other state.
50.44.035Local government tax.
50.44.037"Institution of higher education" defined.
50.44.040Services excluded under "employment" for certain purposes.
50.44.045Religious organizationsExemptionNotification to employee.
50.44.050Benefits payable, terms and conditions"Academic year" defined.
50.44.053Education employeesDetermination of "contract" or "reasonable assurance."
50.44.055FindingIntentReasonable assurance, application to employees of educational institutions.
50.44.060Nonprofit organization employeesFinancing of benefitsElection of payments in lieu of contributions.
50.44.070Election to make payments in lieu of contributionsBond or deposit.
50.44.080ConstructionCompliance with federal unemployment tax act, department of labor guidelines.
50.44.090ConstructionMandatory coverage of employees of political subdivision under 1977 ex.s. c 292.


Coverage of corporate officers: RCW 50.04.165.