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Jurisdiction of court.

In all court proceedings under or pursuant to this title the decision of the commissioner shall be prima facie correct, and the burden of proof shall be upon the party attacking the same.
If the court shall determine that the commissioner has acted within his or her power and has correctly construed the law, the decision of the commissioner shall be confirmed; otherwise, it shall be reversed or modified. In case of a modification or reversal the superior court shall refer the same to the commissioner with an order directing him or her to proceed in accordance with the findings of the court.
Whenever any order and notice of assessment shall have become final in accordance with the provisions of this title, the court shall upon application of the commissioner enter a judgment in the amount provided for in said order and notice of assessment, and said judgment shall have and be given the same effect as if entered pursuant to civil action instituted in said court.
[ 2010 c 8 § 13039; 1945 c 35 § 131; Rem. Supp. 1945 § 9998-269. Prior: 1941 c 253 § 4.]


entry of: Chapter 4.64 RCW.
generally: Chapter 4.56 RCW.
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