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Department-approved deferred payment contractsDepartment determination of eligibilityNotice.

(1) By September 1st of each year, the department must determine which employers have not paid all contributions, penalties, or interest due, and have not entered into a department-approved deferred payment contract, as of that date.
(2) By September 1st of each year, for each employer meeting the criteria in subsection (1) of this section, the department must notify the employer of the availability of deferred payment contracts with the department. The department must provide technical, and culturally and linguistically relevant, assistance as needed to the employer in navigating the process for entering into a department-approved payment contract.


Reviser's note: RCW 1.04.010 directs that the Revised Code of Washington contain "all the laws of the state of a general and permanent nature." Sections 2-9, chapter 292, Laws of 2021 contained codification directives, however, those sections were of a temporary nature and were not codified.
FindingsIntent2021 c 292: "(1) The legislature finds that certain businesses in Washington have experienced significant and unanticipated impacts during the COVID-19 pandemic. The legislature intends to preemptively minimize the disproportionate impact COVID-19 economic closures have had on these businesses.
(2) Small businesses in particular have fewer reserves and fewer resources to rely upon in periods of downturn. Those businesses owned by historically disadvantaged groups, such as women, minority populations, and immigrants, often experience disproportionately more distress and burden due to the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic compared to their counterparts across the remaining business community. These businesses are absolutely critical to the success of Washington's continued high ratings, number one gross domestic product, and are part of the backbone of Washington's diverse and resilient economy.
(3) The legislature finds that ESSB 5061, passed by the legislature and signed by the governor earlier in the 2021 session, mitigated immediate impacts to employers through caps on the social tax, suspension of the solvency surcharge, and relief of certain benefit charges.
(4) The legislature now intends to address the disproportionate impacts on small and other significantly impacted businesses beyond the limited time period addressed in ESSB 5061. The legislature intends to provide this targeted relief through the one-time application of funds, in order to provide critical support for many of the businesses that are essential to Washington's recovery and ongoing economic vitality, while maintaining a healthy unemployment insurance trust fund for Washington's workers." [ 2021 c 292 § 1.]
Conflict with federal requirements2021 c 292: "If any part of this act is found to be in conflict with federal requirements that are a prescribed condition to the allocation of federal funds to the state or the eligibility of employers in this state for federal unemployment tax credits, the conflicting part of this act is inoperative solely to the extent of the conflict, and the finding or determination does not affect the operation of the remainder of this act. Rules adopted under this act must meet federal requirements that are a necessary condition to the receipt of federal funds by the state or the granting of federal unemployment tax credits to employers in this state." [ 2021 c 292 § 11.]
Effective date2021 c 292: "This act is necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health, or safety, or support of the state government and its existing public institutions, and takes effect immediately [May 12, 2021]." [ 2021 c 292 § 12.]
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