Chapter 50.22 RCW



HTMLPDF 50.22.005Collaborative review of programs.
HTMLPDF 50.22.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 50.22.020Application of statute and rulesEligibility for extended benefits.
HTMLPDF 50.22.025Extended benefit period.
HTMLPDF 50.22.030Extended benefit eligibility conditionsInterstate claim.
HTMLPDF 50.22.040Weekly extended benefit amount.
HTMLPDF 50.22.050Total extended benefit amountReduction.
HTMLPDF 50.22.060Public announcement when extended benefit period becomes effective or is terminatedComputations of rate of insured unemployment.
HTMLPDF 50.22.105Supplemental additional benefitsFebruary 26, 1994, through December 31, 1995Eligibility.
HTMLPDF 50.22.130Training benefits programIntent.
HTMLPDF 50.22.140Employment security department authorized to pay training benefitsExpenditures.
HTMLPDF 50.22.150Training benefitsClaims effective before April 5, 2009EligibilityDefinitionsPaymentLocal workforce development council to identify high-demand occupations and occupations in declining employer demandRules.
HTMLPDF 50.22.155Training benefitsClaims effective on or after April 5, 2009EligibilityDefinitionsRole of local workforce development councilsRules.
HTMLPDF 50.22.157Training benefits programReportProgram review and evaluation.