Chapter 50.12 RCW



HTMLPDF 50.12.010Commissioner's duties and powers.
HTMLPDF 50.12.020Personnel appointed by commissioner.
HTMLPDF 50.12.031Personnel boardTravel expenses of board.
HTMLPDF 50.12.040Rule-making authority.
HTMLPDF 50.12.042Rules2003 2nd sp.s. c 4.
HTMLPDF 50.12.045Contract to issue conditional federal employer identification numbers, credentials, and documents in conjunction with license applications.
HTMLPDF 50.12.050Reciprocal benefit arrangements.
HTMLPDF 50.12.060Reciprocal coverage arrangements.
HTMLPDF 50.12.070Employing unit records, reports, and registrationUnified business identifier account number recordsPenalty for failure to keep records.
HTMLPDF 50.12.072Employer fails to registerEmployer fails to obtain employment security account numberPenalties.
HTMLPDF 50.12.080Arbitrary reports.
HTMLPDF 50.12.090Interstate use of employing unit records.
HTMLPDF 50.12.100Compulsory production of records and information.
HTMLPDF 50.12.120Protection against self-incrimination.
HTMLPDF 50.12.130Oaths and witnessesSubpoenasApplication for court approval prior to issuanceNo notice required.
HTMLPDF 50.12.140Destruction of office records.
HTMLPDF 50.12.150Representation by attorney general.
HTMLPDF 50.12.160Publication of title, rules and regulations, etc.
HTMLPDF 50.12.170Services and fees of sheriffs.
HTMLPDF 50.12.180State-federal cooperation.
HTMLPDF 50.12.190Employment stabilization.
HTMLPDF 50.12.200State advisory councilCommittees and councils.
HTMLPDF 50.12.210Employment services for persons with disabilitiesReport to legislative committees.
HTMLPDF 50.12.220Penalties for late reports or contributionsWarningAssessmentWaiverAppeal.
HTMLPDF 50.12.230Job skills training programDepartment's duties.
HTMLPDF 50.12.235Washington conservation corpsDepartment's duties.
HTMLPDF 50.12.240On-the-job trainingEmployer qualifications established by rule.
HTMLPDF 50.12.245Cooperation with workforce training and education coordinating board.
HTMLPDF 50.12.250Information clearinghouse to assist in employment of persons of disability.
HTMLPDF 50.12.252Information clearinghouseConsultation on establishment.
HTMLPDF 50.12.290Printed materialsDepartment's duties.
HTMLPDF 50.12.300Professional employer organizationsReports and records.
HTMLPDF 50.12.310Professional employer organizationsRevocation of authority to act as coemployer.
HTMLPDF 50.12.330Domestic violence employment poster.
HTMLPDF 50.12.340Report to legislature.
HTMLPDF 50.12.350Use of social security numbers in correspondence with third parties.
HTMLPDF 50.12.355ReportUnemployment trust fundMinimum weekly benefit increaseWages subject to tax.
HTMLPDF 50.12.360Unemployment insurance claim adjudicator training programReport.
HTMLPDF 50.12.365Plain language required for letters, alerts, and notices.
HTMLPDF 50.12.370Unemployment insurance claimsOnline data dashboardQuarterly reports, performance metrics.


Administration of OASI plans for members of teachers' retirement and state employees' retirement systems: Chapters 41.33, 41.41 RCW.
Merit system: Chapter 41.06 RCW.