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Wages, remunerationDeath benefits excepted.

Prior to January 1, 1951, the term "wages" shall not include the amount of any payment by an employing unit for or on behalf of an individual in its employ under a plan or system established by such employing unit which makes provision for individuals in its employ generally, or for a class or classes of such individuals (including any amount paid by an employing unit for insurance or annuities or into a fund to provide for any payment) on account of death, provided the individual in its employ
(1) has not the option to receive instead of provisions for such death benefits, any part of such payment, or, if such death benefit is insured, any part of the premium (or contributions to premiums) paid by his or her employing unit; and
(2) has not the right under the provisions of the plan or system or policy of insurance providing for such death benefits to assign such benefits or to receive a cash consideration in lieu of such benefits, either upon his or her withdrawal from the plan or system providing for such benefits or upon termination of such plan or system or policy of insurance or of his or her services with such employing unit.


Severability1951 c 265: See note following RCW 50.98.070.
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