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Attorney general's enforcement powersPenalties.

(1) The state attorney general's office shall enforce this chapter. Its powers to enforce this chapter include the authority to:
(a) Investigate violations of this chapter on its own initiative;
(b) Investigate violations of this chapter in response to complaints and seek remedial relief for the complainant;
(c) Educate the public about how to comply with this chapter;
(d) Issue written civil investigative demands for pertinent documents, answers to written interrogatories, or oral testimony as required to enforce this chapter;
(e) Adopt rules implementing this chapter including rules specifying applicable penalties; and
(f) Pursue administrative sanctions or a lawsuit in the courts for penalties, costs, and attorneys' fees.
(2) In exercising its powers, the attorney general's office shall utilize a stepped enforcement approach, by first educating violators, then warning them, then taking legal, including administrative, action. Maximum penalties are as follows: A notice of violation and offer of agency assistance for the first violation; a monetary penalty of up to seven hundred fifty dollars for the second violation; and a monetary penalty of up to one thousand dollars for each subsequent violation.
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